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MMM is inspired by modern detective dramas - such as Mindhunter and True Detective as well as classic murder mystery authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie - and aims to place you in the mind palace of a detective capable of investigating crimes from the past, present or future through the Murder Mystery Machine. 

From professional to personal

It’s your first day as the head of a new cold case investigations unit within a mysterious organization called the DCA. The only form of communication with your employer and access to its extensive Cold Case Library is through the MMM, a pre-installed computer terminal in your office.


Through a Clearance Level security system you can request unsolved cold cases to investigate. Crack cases, improve your Clearance Level and gain access to an ever deeper pool of mysterious cases. Proving your worth to the DCA results in an ever improving office space, personal touches and a detective partner. 


Can you work together to solve the hardest cases and earn the accolades that come with it or will your clash of personalities result in an unhappy end? 



  • Innovative deduction-based gameplay distilling crime-solving into its purest form​​

  • Rich and detailed crime scenes​​

  • Beautiful isometric, atmospheric environments with classic point and click game play​​

  • Unique, replay-able and challenging through the MMM crime scene generator​​

  • Bite-sized mysteries wrapped into a compelling progression system​​

  • Gripping over-arching story which itself is a mystery to solve​​

  • Designed to be shared and played together​

  • Turn your detectives and their office from a neglected storage space into a high tech, award laden department. 


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